Smart strategy and great design, with decades of experience dedicated to every job.

With a unique strategic approach, ELEVATR brings decades of branding, marketing and business experience to your project. You’ll get a beautiful, modern ecommerce site, carefully designed to build your brand and your business, with clean bold visuals, artful persuasion and smooth usability. All on the world’s best ecommerce platform.

Creative Services

Brand strategy and messaging development
This is foundational work that can have a huge impact on the success of your business. It starts with our guided discovery and brainstorm session, either live or by Skype. Then we’ll go away and turn that meeting into a brand strategy document that we can all use to guide design, copywriting, marketing and business strategy.
Logo design/brand refresh
A strong logo and brand identity is foundational. If you’re just getting started, or maybe have outgrown your old branding, we’ll design you something solid for this critical piece.
Brand story development
Storytelling grows deep roots of brand engagement. Let us help you express your brand in stories to engage your customers and build your business.
Product photography
Beautiful product shots are critical for modern ecommerce. We’ll make your stuff look great for as low as CAD $30 per shot (over 100 shots).
Lifestyle photography shoot
Sometimes you need to capture the feeling of the brand with more ambitious photography. You’d be surprised how much mileage you can get from a single day shoot.
Custom graphics, illustration or stylized imagery
From banners to illustrations, infographics and icons. We’ll make sure all your graphics are great looking and on spec.
Print material
The world isn’t completely digital...yet. Need brochures, business cards, packaging or sales collateral? We can go old-school and deliver beautiful print materials for you.

Extra Production Scope

Additional product setup
Our standard scope includes up to 15 products to get you started; we always recommend that clients take it from there, using our initial setups as a guide (and our email support as well). But if you want us to do it all, no problem!
Platform migration
Moving from your cranky old platform and want to bring your data? We can help move customer lists, product data, reviews and even order history to your shiny new Shopify store.
Shipping, taxes and inventory setup
These are business settings that can get quite complex, so we recommend you do this internally, with our advice and support of course. If you want us to handle all the details, we can do that too.
Specialized website functionality
Need something specific that Shopify doesn’t do out of the box? We’ll investigate options and advise on the best way to implement, then get it done.
Additional sales channel setup
Want to sell on Amazon, Facebook, Houzz, etc? We’ll get things set up for you.
Shopify POS setup
If you run a bricks and mortar store, centralizing all your sales on Shopify can be a brilliant solution. We’ll help you get set up quickly and properly.
Shopify training & support
Shopify itself has excellent customer support, and we include some ourselves in every scope. But if you need more, we can be there for you when you need us.

Extra Marketing Scope

Email marketing strategy and campaigns
Email is one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketing toolkit; we can help you find the right strategy and design campaigns around it.
Content Marketing & Social media strategy and campaigns
In 2017, this is how your brand reaches out. We can help you design strategies and campaigns to build your brand and your business.
Marketing audit and strategy recommendations
This starts with an audit, goes to a discovery/brainstorm session and ends with an actionable marketing strategy document.