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A brand-driven design process, tailored for your business success.

At the core of every ELEVATR engagement is a beautiful, modern, brand-driven Shopify site; one that turns visitors into customers with great design, artful brand persuasion and smooth usability. You’ll also get insightful recommendations on branding, marketing and ecommerce best practices.

Our Standard Engagement

ELEVATR takes a strategic, brand-driven approach to creating visually powerful sites that sell. Our typical standard engagement provides:

  • Clean, bold, modern site design, customized from a carefully selected Shopify theme, optimized for desktop and mobile
  • High-impact homepage sales pitch
  • Streamlined navigation and product schema design
  • Customized product and collection templates
  • Setup for up to 20 products, including SEO copy
  • Info pages — About us, Contact us, Shipping info
  • Blog strategy recommendations, design and setup
  • Social media integration
  • App setup: Google Analytics, MailChimp, Product Reviews
  • Shopify account setup and configuration — excluding shipping, taxes and inventory
  • Launch and post-launch support
  • Branding/marketing/strategy recommendations as they come up

Around $7,500

Extra Scope

Of course every client has different requirements — we can strip down our standard process to suit a startup budget, or add extra creative, technical and deployment scope to deliver exactly the site your business needs to grow to the next level.

Extra Creative Scope

  • Brand strategy and messaging development
  • Graphic design: Logos, icons, stylized imagery or illustration
  • Copywriting: Brand story, About us, product descriptions, etc.
  • Photography: Product or lifestyle, studio or location

Extra Deployment Scope

  • Additional product setup
  • Shipping and tax table setup
  • Platform migration
  • Additional content pages
  • Specialized website functionality
  • Additional app setup/integrations
  • Shopify POS setup
  • Additional sales channel setup: Amazon, Facebook, Houzz, etc.

Extra Marketing Scope

  • Email marketing templates and campaigns
  • Social media strategy and design
  • Marketing review and recommendations

Sample Engagements

The Startup

We get it, money is tight—you need to spend carefully on just the key things to get launched. Count on us to deliver a great site for very little money. How do we do it? You’ll get our great visual design, but we limit our strategic thinking and push the setup details over to you. So your engagement would look something like this:

  • Clean, bold, modern site design, customized from a carefully selected Shopify theme, optimized for desktop and mobile
  • Streamlined navigation design
  • Homepage brand billboard
  • Basic product and collection templates, ready for you to enter products
  • Info pages: About us, Contact
  • Blog setup
  • Basic Shopify account configuration, excluding payments, shipping, taxes, inventory

Around $3,500

You may also need: - Product photography - Logo design - Brand and/or product copywriting - Shopify training and support


The Brick & Mortar Shop

You have a successful brick and mortar business, and it’s time to make the leap to ecommerce. Not just to build your business, but also because it is increasingly what your customers want. You’ll need our standard engagement, plus you may also need:

  • Product photography (say 50 skus to start)
  • Product setup (50 skus)
  • Mailing list migration and setup and integration
  • Shopify POS setup
  • Accounting integration
  • Shopify training and support (say 8 hours)

Around $15,000

The Brand Builder

You’re an established online business that needs to modernize your site and take your brand persuasion and conversion rate to the next level. You’ll want our standard engagement plus:

  • Brand strategy and messaging development to create a more powerful brand experience and home page sales pitch
  • Marketing review and strategy recommendations

Around $12,000


The Platform Switcher

Your old e-commerce platform is feeling dated and it’s holding back your business. You’re ready to make the leap to Shopify to streamline your backend, optimize your conversion, freshen up your look and modernize your customer experience. In addition to our standard engagement, you may need:

  • Migration of products, inventory levels, reviews and customer lists from your old platform
  • Streamlining your product schema
  • Cleaning up your product data and descriptions
  • App setup for integration into inventory, fulfillment, accounting or marketing apps

Around $12,500