Ecomm Services

There's more to ecommerce success than a great website. We can help with all that too.

We see ecommerce businesses as virtual machines—they input eyeballs, and output dollars. With Shopify as the hub, we can help you build and tune the whole machine, using the latest best practices and slickest apps. From brand strategy and visual design, to marketing and customer service, operations and admin. We’ll work with you to tune it all up and make it hum.

Projects or monthly retainer packages FROM $599

Creative Services

Visual Design Makeovers

Like your theme but can't make it look as good as you want? We’ll enhance the layout, typography and color palate, and add beautiful graphics and images so it looks fabulous.

Product photography

Beautiful product shots are critical for modern ecommerce. We’ll make your stuff look great for as low as CAD $40 per shot.

Lifestyle photography

Sometimes you need to capture the feeling of the brand with more ambitious photography. We can also help find just the right stock images, and give them a visual makeover to make them yours.

Graphic design & production

From banners, sliders and billboards to illustration, infographics and icons. We’ll make sure all your creative looks great and is on spec.

Content creation

Storytelling grows deep roots of brand engagement. Let us help you to create your brand story—and key content around it—to engage your customers and build your brand.

Advertising campaigns

Never underestimate the age-old power of the right headline and image together. We can help you find that “big idea” and turn it into effective ads.

Brand Refresh

Let us breathe new life into your brand to create a strong foundation for marketing and ecommerce success.

Digital Marketing & Media Services

SEO & visibility

You want to make sure your store is showing up where it should. Old-school SEO was about keyword stuffing and gaming Google’s algorithms. Modern SEO is easier — it’s about smart strategy and useful content that appeals to people and algorithms alike.

Conversion optimization

Turning more visitors into customers is an art/science that requires continual testing. That said, there are well-established best practices, and that’s where we’ll start.

Email marketing

Your direct link to your best customers. We’ll help you set up a highly effective and easy-to-use email marketing program with MailChimp.

Social media marketing

We’ll help you nail down a strategy, get your social media presence set up nicely. We can help create key content too.

Google AdWords

For some businesses, AdWords can be brilliant. We’ve built a multi-million dollar business with it. But it’s not for everyone. We’ll help you form a strategy, implement campaigns and track results to see what works and what doesn’t.

Ecommerce Services

Business process

Like to smooth out your processes but not sure where to start? We’ve been there. From order processing and fulfillment to accounting and customer service...we’ll review everything, make recommendations and implement the best modern apps to make your life easier and your customers happier.

App integration

We’ll plug in best-of-breed apps and recommend best practices and strategies to help you create a modern ecommerce machine that’s both efficient and fun to use.

Analytics and consulting

Your website has a lot to tell you about what’s working and where the opportunities are. We’ll dig in to the data and report back, along with actionable recommendations.

Shopify Training & Support

We can be there when you need us, to answer questions, show you how and make suggestions. You’ll never be lonely :)

Business Coaching

It’s great to have someone knowledgable to bounce ideas off, and to bring more experience and insights to the table. We love to talk business strategy and to share our experience. Let us help you solve problems and grow your business.

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