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Ecommerce consulting

Analysis and recommendations to grow your business through a synthesis of brand, marketing, technology and operations. ELEVATR combines deep experience with current best practices to help you build a solid foundation for growth and success.

Branding & creative direction

Need a brand? We’ll develop your brand from scratch - name, URL, logo, visual identity, messaging and voice. Got a brand and want to step things up? We’ll help evolve your visual identity and aesthetic, your brand story and your brand pitch.

Content creation

The real soul of your brand is in your content — the video, images and copy that bring it to life. ELEVATR draws on decades of experience in art direction, photography and copywriting to create strategic content that will impress, persuade and convert your visitors.

Shopify design/build

Marketing, salesmanship, visual style and flow. It all comes together in our integrated design/build process. Bold. Clean. Modern. Every element designed with the end goal in mind — to impress, persuade and convert in a smooth, satisfying user experience on desktop and mobile. Plus, all our builds include full professional setup, so you know your site will be optimized for technical, marketing and conversion performance.

Technical services

We’ll provide the technical solutions you need to create a powerful ecommerce machine and help your business run smoothly and effectively. From migrations and large catalog solutions to marketing and operations tools and integrations, we’ll set you up with all the top class tools and best practices to help you reach your next level of success.

Ongoing growth support

A brand new site and platform is just the beginning. A successful ecommerce business must be continually optimizing and improving. We can be there to help you make that happen with custom support packages with flexible pool of hours for design changes, new features, promotions—whatever you need.

Traffic generation

Your website is the engine, but website traffic is the fuel that drives your business. We can help you develop the right marketing programs for your stage and budget to drive qualified traffic to your site and power your business growth.

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