Who they are

Established in 1994, Kitras Art Glass are glass artists based in Fergus, Ontario. They create stunning glasswork for gardens and tabletops with each piece created individually by an artisan.

Getting up to date

Kitras’ original site was antiquated in technology and looks. We put them on to the Shopify platform using the flexible Debut theme as a base. Immediately, this placed them light years ahead of where they were and most of their competitors are now.

Looking good now!

Though their product was beautiful, their ecommerce site was out of date and distractingly garish. We cleaned the site applying white space and consistent photography to allow the beauty of the product to shine through. Product pages were equipped with a magnification tool to enable customers to zoom in and see the gorgeous detail of their artisanship.

Video tells the story

It is well known how storytelling is important for customers to engage with a brand. To this end Kitras commissioned Elevatr to create a video that shows Kitras’ artisans at work.