Who they are

iFLY make quality luggage at budget prices. They are already successful wholesaling to the likes of Walmart but wanted to take a bigger slice of the pie by improving their Shopify presence. Elevatr showed iFLY how to fly even higher.

Detailed product story

We always recommend custom designed product pages as the uplift in sales are tremendous. A custom product page gives the opportunity to offer a customer far more detail about a product in the place where the purchase decision is being made.

Brand photography

iFLY describe themselves as the pop band of the luggage business with their demographic being 20-35. iFLY’s in-house photographers gave us the tools to help create a youth-orientated site that appealed to hip young travellers.

Custom coded

iFLY were very particular about how they wanted their site to look and function. The Elevatr devs burnt the midnight oil to add bespoke functionality such as adapted sections and navigation, bespoke buy buttons, design layouts and app integrations.

Reviews rock!

We can’t recommend reviews enough, they are very effective at communicating how impressive a product is. We helped to integrate Bazaarvoice for iFLY to give an Amazon-like reviews section at the bottom of each product page.

Mobile Ready

60% of online shopping is now done on mobile, so it is imperative that every site is mobile effective. We made sure that iFLY’s mobile offering was spot on.