Who they are

Dalstrong have had enormous success selling their high quality budget conscious kitchen knives on Amazon. They came to Elevatr to help them get on to Shopify with a slick and improved brand look.

Updated brand content and look

This was Dalstrong’s first foray into their own online store and wanted to make an impact whilst staying true to their brand image. Over the years their current site had become messy and disjointed. We cleaned up their overall look to give them brand consistency. We also created custom content aimed at professional chef’s and accomplished home chefs.

Rich content product pages

The, ahem, cutting edge to Dalstrong’s new branded site was their custom product pages. Bespoke product pages have been proven to increase sales, Dalstrong asked us to create a brand story for each line of their knives.

Custom megamenu

Dalstrong were keen to have a megamenu so we created a menu that displayed multiple products . When used correctly this can be a powerful tool for sales and product engagement.