Maison Apothecare

Who they are

Maison Apothecare have bricks and mortar stores around Southern Ontario selling natural skincare products. They also had a tired looking ecommerce store in serious need of a revamp. That’s where Elevatr came in…

Refreshing the Brand

Maison Apothecare’s branding was clean and uncluttered in line with their packaging, but the site was looking pretty flat. We injected life into the site by adding fresh but subtle colour, images of herbs, illustrations and engaging lifestyle images.

Navigation issues

One of the big problems with the previous site was an unnecessarily complicated navigation. We created a much simpler approach that elevated the shopping experience and helped customers find products more quickly.

Pleasurable shopping experience

Having reorganised the store, and refreshed the brand imagery, customers to Maison Apothecare can now shop with ease with a much more pleasurable interaction with the brand.