Who they are

Grainstorm sell organic heritage baking mixes milled in a traditional way. Their mixes are available at Loblaws, most large supermarkets and online.

Invigorating the brand

Grainstorm hadn’t had an update in a while and were looking to reinvigorate their brand with a polished ecommerce site. We identified areas that could be improved upon and selected Narrative as the perfect theme to tell their story. We boiled down their messaging and added new photography to make the site more engaging and easier to consume The icing on the cake was a homepage video shot by Elevatr.

Reorganized page structures

Over the years Grainstorm had added content on a regular basis. Though the content was great quality the presentation had room for improvement. We reorganised the content to create a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience.

Home Page Video

Home page banner videos have powerful messaging. Grainstorm recognised that, and commissioned Elevatr to shoot a video showing the journey from grain to packet. See the video above.

Shopify theme

Shopify has some powerful free themes. Grainstorm wanted a brand look but also wanted a brand video. By utilising the features included in a free theme with minimal adaptations Grainstorm were able to have their cake and eat it! :)