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Beautiful Shopify stores. Purpose-built to impress, persuade and convert.

ELEVATR is a boutique Shopify Expert agency with decades of experience in digital marketing, design, branding and ecommerce. We know how to sell stuff, and that’s the focus we bring to your project. We’ll build you a beautiful Shopify store to impress, persuade and convert—with a user experience that shines on desktop and mobile.

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We live and breathe Shopify

We build Shopify sites. That's all we do. It’s a brilliant platform that allows us—and you—to focus on marketing and sales, not technology. So simple and powerful, it’s actually fun to use. Secure, fast, reliable and ingeniously flexible—there’s no better foundation for ecommerce success. ELEVATR will build you a beautiful, powerful ecommerce store that delights and sells, all on the world’s best ecommerce platform.

“Best experience by far that we have had with any designer/web developer.”

– David Rapps,

“We crushed last year's numbers. Sales have increased almost 50%, with average order value up over 30%.”

– Lucy,

"Basically, we doubled our sales, all due to your creativity and organization! Can't thank you enough!"

– Cara,

“Very easy to work with. I would recommend ELEVATR's services as they are fast and efficient!”

– Stephanie Gledhill, Smythe Jackets,

“They were responsive, creative, helpful, on time and also importantly a lot of fun to work with.”

– Natacha,

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A checklist for success

Ecommerce has matured over recent years, and proven best practices have emerged. Clear do's and don’ts in user experience, responsive design, branding & persuasion, digital marketing and technology. While the exact recipe for each client is unique, there is a checklist for Shopify success that we apply to your project.

Content is king

Launch doesn’t mean done

In ecommerce, launch is simply the start of the next phase of the journey. ELEVATR will be there to support you with the ongoing marketing, design and technical improvements you’ll need to keep your site optimized and your business growing. So every season, you'll know the most important steps you can take to level up.

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